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Your inspection sewer camera system has to function upon the moste severe circumstances. Therefore, regular maintenance is of critical importance. Camtronics services quickly!

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sewer camera INSPECTOR® systems

The Inspector® is a high quality modular sewer camera inspection system for inspection of pipes, sewers, ducts, ventilation canals, confined spaces, etc. Depending on the available space you can choose the right sewer camera and accessories for the job. Below you find our various inspection sewercamera types, sorted by the minimum and maximum sewer pipe sizes. Select the sewer camera for your application area and inspection:


working area:
Bathroom and kitchen diameters
from 32mm to 100mm

Inspector® 36
working area:
Mainly indoor application
diameters from 50mm to 200 mm

Inspector® 48
working area:
For indoor and outdoor application diameters from 75mm to 400 mm

Inspector® ZRK70 working area: Home sewer outlets and municipal sewers from 110mm to 500 mm

Inspector® MW2L working area: Large sewers and long distances from 125mm to 700 mm

Steering the camera upstream into
a side branch

Difficult leaks, inspection and
testing rainwater drainage pipes

Extend the working area of your inspection camera

monitor boxes: 
Viewing, recording and controlling
the various inspection cameras

build in
Inspector® :
Have the camera controls build
into your company car or van

For unique requirements, needs
and specialist work

Manuals for the various systems donloadable in PDF

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