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Your inspection sewer camera system has to function upon the moste severe circumstances. Therefore, regular maintenance is of critical importance. Camtronics services quickly!

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The Inspector® Steering Unit is an accessory which increases the funtionality of your inspection camera dramatically. Your Inspector® ZRK70 or special Inspector® 48 can now be 'steered'. By using the remote control (which comes standard with the ZRK70) you are able to rotate and bend this tool.

Operation and functionality

By bending and rotation the tool you are able to choose if you prefer to inspect a side branch or continue straight forward. The functionality of the camera is not limited by the Steering Unit. This especially applies to the Inspector® ZRK70 where similar camera heads have a steering rod mounted on the front. This limits the swerve function, it cannot swerve to its most upper and lower position. A ZRK70 in combination with the Steering Unit has none of such limitations. A second point of advantage is the quick and easy way to interchange a standard spring with the Steering Unit and vice versa. This is done with a screw connection. Your Inspector® System can easily be adapted to any situation.

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