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Your inspection sewer camera system has to function upon the moste severe circumstances. Therefore, regular maintenance is of critical importance. Camtronics services quickly!

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INSPECTOR® monitor boxes

In order to work with the Inspector systems you can chose between various control and recording devices.
Both Easyboxes have the controls for the camera's built in.

Easybox DVR

See what your camera sees. For taking pictures, displaying and recording of the camera image, combined with the possiblity for writing a simple report.

  • digital recording direct on SD-card
  • solid box with 10 inch TFT LCD monitor
  • clear and bright images
  • easy to adjust monitor
  • camera light control
  • weights only 10 kg
  • meter counter on screen
  • text writer on screen

Easybox laptop prepared

See what your camera sees. For displaying and recording of the camera image with your laptop and the possibility of using reporting software.

  • digital recording directly to laptop
  • prepared for laptop connection
  • solid box with height adjustment for laptop
  • storage space and connection laptop adapter
  • camera light control
  • weights only 9 kg (excl. laptop)
  • meter counter on screen
  • text writer on screen

Controlbox on reel

For controling the camera lighting, resetting the meter counter and switching the optional transmitter in the camera head on and off.

  • connect your own monitor
  • connect you own recording device
  • also available with display on reel, see 'display on reel'


Display on reel


For a sharp camera image. Together with the control box on reel it forms a compact plug-and-play system with the possibility to record photos and videos.

  • sharp camera image and adjustable viewing angle
  • easy video and photo recording
  • SD-card is included
  • SD-card is easy to remove
  • with SD to USB adapter so you can so the card can be read on computers without card reader


MW control and transportbox

The various parts and accessories of the truck are assembled within this box (like controls and power supply) and transported (the MW2L, wheel spacers etc.)

  • case for transporting the MW2L and wheel spacers
  • controlling truck with remote control ZRK70
  • connection for cable remote control
  • easy to transport with build-in trolley


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