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Your inspection sewer camera system has to function upon the moste severe circumstances. Therefore, regular maintenance is of critical importance. Camtronics services quickly!

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sewer camera INSPECTOR® 36

The improved robust Inspector® 36 is very suitable to inspect smaller pipelines thoroughly. The spherical camera head with flexible spring goes easily through right-angle bends from a diameter of 50 mm. Blockages and damage to pipes can thus be traced adequately. The working range of this sewer camera is from 50 to 200 mm.

Sewer camera 36 operation and functionality

The Inspector® 36 sewer camera has a combi-cable with a diameter of 8 mm, while the internal fibre that ensures the stiffness is 4.5 mm thick. The combi-cable with camera head is thus suitable to be pushed through a right-angle bend of 50 mm. The spring is very flexible so that it takes on the shape of the pipe. The sloping shape of the camera head assists the feed-through. There are two guides available with which the camera head comes to sit higher in the pipe. These can easily be taken along on the reel.

Improved 36

The Inspector® 36 has been improved, in brief; increased working range, now up to a diameter of 200mm. Improved image quality and wider viewing angle, through new camera technology. Higher light output, using the newest LED technology.


The Inspector® 36 is available in two versions; the modular and the Junior version. The diferences between the two versions are explained below. In case you prefer more information of each specific version please, see PDF which can be downloaded.

Download pdf Modular
Download pdf Junior


In case you choose the modular, you choose a platform. In case you choose the modular system, you choose a platform on which all Inspector cameras can be connected to the Easybox. The advantage is that all cameras, each with its own working area, can be connected to the same Easybox.



The other option is the Junior system, which is an all in one system. Suitable when you frequently inspect the same type of tubes, want to perform a quick inspection and dont want to make extensive reports.



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